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16-20 June - 8:30 pm - Acropolr Cinemas


16, 17, and 18 June

20 June

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The educational aspect of the indiePlat festival is a collaboration with the dance company EDge from the London Contemporary Dance School. It is addressed to

  1. students and professional dancers,
  2. teenagers and
  3. people with special needs.

This is a series of workshops that focus on offering an insight into creation, interpretation and performance skills.

Practical workshops can be constructed to complement specific participant experience and current projects. Class participants will be able to:

Classes and workshops are led by the members of the EDge accompanied by the Artistic Director, Lauren Potter. All movement material investigated during the workshops will be drawn from the current repertory of the company.

Lauren Potter (artistic director)

Lauren trained at London Contemporary Dance School and subsequently danced with London Contemporary Dance Theatre for eight years. She became a founder member of Siobhan Davies Dance Company in 1988. Since working as a freelance dancer and teacher she has been involved in a wide diversity of dance projects both staged and televised. Other choreographers with whom she has worked include Lloyd Newson, Yolande Snaith, Jonathan Lunn, Ashley Page and most recently Rosemary Butcher. She has taught extensively around the world and written on teaching and dancers development for UK publications.


On the edge of the fringe’s six shows: a collage of two parties, an improvisation, free dance seminars from the UK’s best, interactive performance and maybe, just maybe, people on stilts and stuff...

Acropole Cinemas

acropole map

After years of quiet the Acropole Cinemas explode into a frenzy of performance. For indiePlat ’09 we utilise both the open-air and the indoor theatres for the Acropole, a truly atmospheric space, serendipitous for the performative arts and surrounded by endless fields for parking and with a fridge full of beer