. paraplevros productions

paraplevros productions

Paraplevros (i.e. 'on-the-side') Productions has been founded this year as a not-for-profit organisation to act as a springboard for independent artists. We are a group of people that wish to function artistically like a madhouse, organisationally like a bank and ideally as an independent company with endless funding... :-)

As a seed and starting point we have the etymology of the greek work ‘prosopo’ (‘face’)*.

We believe that somewhere, somehow, free expression influences the being of the transmitter and the receiver. Thus, that art has a reason for existence. We want to commune positively and on a personal level with the Other.

As a vehicle we use the performative arts (i.e. ones that happen in the present space and time with human presence, both that of the artists and the audience), music, the visual arts and whatever electro-visual-acoustic means come our way. As live as possible.

* face:, compound word from the expression ‘in front of the eyes’ , ‘towards eyes’, meaning ‘looking towards me’, I am that which the Other sees in me - I exist through my relationship with the Other

Our vision is the creation and facilitation and long-term sustain of a dialogue between artists outside of governmental and established institutions.

We aim at independent work and collaboration on an international level with Cyprus as our base.

We hope in due time to establish alternative forms of approaching the public and of advertisement, with environmental influences.

We embrace the uniqueness, idiosyncrasy and complexity of every human being and believe that the difference between the margin and marginalisation is respect.

We are convinced that language needs to be clear and accessible, but by no means simplistic.

... and we also have our own website, paraplevros.org