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A festival that works on the logic - or the ill-logic - of the Fringe *.

indiePlat '09, an alternative independent platform for the choreographical minds of artists from Cyprus, Greece, the United Kingdom, Spain and Finland.

With the absence of long-term, constant and continuous contact with the contemporary world of the experimental and/or alternative performative arts from abroad, we create a festival that will function as a practical guide for the evolution of an independent and self-empowered institution.

* Fringe, on the margin, on the edge - the meaning of the fringe festival developed as a reaction to the official international arts festivals that were dominated by big productions, mainstream artists and committees of judges. Artists’ companies begun to create their own spaces of and for expression through a free spirit of interaction rather than of competition, a collection of experimental and alternative work and the voice of attitudes that do not easily fit into the conservative and established..

α. independent + platform / β. 3 + 3, local + international = 6 shows / γ. free thought + independence, recipe for cutting edge creation / δ. tension + unanimity, the common facets of all the participants - organisers, choreographers, performers, technicians, suppliers, audience...

This organisation aims at regularly presenting work from all aspects of the performative arts - theatre, dance, performance, multimedia, site-specific etc.

Juxtaposing work from abroad and local productions we want to offer a high standard point of reference for ingenious and unusual work.

Artists know no bounds and neither can, nor want to be, tied to a notion of the national or the inter-national. We wish neither to project the “artists of the land” nor to ignore them for the sake of those with worldwide acclaim. We wish to bring in direct contact both the artists and the public of Cyprus with contemporary ways of approaching the performative arts, and the other way around.

... and the happy supporters of the festival this year are:



The Acropole begins to change

Loullis and his players:

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Some of us are working, some are just there and some are managing the others...

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