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fake me out


Solipsism was formed in 2004 as the organization and company of the Cypriot choreographer and dance artist Anna Charalambous.

Since its foundation Solipsism performances were presented in Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, UK, Germany, and Greece and it has developed its activities as a European dance company with a base in Cyprus.

Solipsism focuses mainly in the creation, production and promotion of the artistic work of Anna Charalambous, through research programs, performances, site specific projects, international touring and collaborations with various artists from different art fields like visual arts, music, theatre, video art etc. It also develops art education activities like classes and workshops for dance professionals, dance amateurs and children.

Solipsism is one of the five visionaries and founders of the Dance House Lemesos, the first space devoted entirely to the professional dance in Cyprus. It is also a founding member-group of Nea Kinisi of Dance Groups, Dancers and Choreographers.

Solipsism is supported by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture.


Fake me out (16 June, duration: 33 minutes)

Solipsism explores the technique of “bravo”, the art of illusion and the talent of lying. Fake me Out is a dance theatre performance that presents the so-called fake reality.

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fake me out fake me out fake me out fake me out